Shaft Length – Make Sure Your Golf Shafts are Correct Length

The length of a golf shaft is an important factor in determining the golfer’s swing and performance. The proper length of a golf club will depend on several factors, including the golfer’s height, arm length, swing style, and skill level.

If a golf club is too short, it may cause the golfer to hunch over, leading to poor posture and a lack of control during the swing. On the other hand, if a golf club is too long, it can cause the golfer to stand too upright, resulting in a loss of power and accuracy.

The length of the golf club also affects the swing weight, which is the amount of weight a golfer feels when they swing the club. A longer club will have a higher swing weight, which can be more difficult to control for some golfers.

Ultimately, the proper length of a golf club is a matter of personal preference and should be determined through trial and error, fitting sessions, or consultation with a golf professional.

How to Determine your correct Shaft Length

Overall Height

To determine the appropriate length of your golf club, you can begin by measuring your overall height. However, relying solely on this method may not provide enough information for an accurate determination. A golfer’s overall height is typically taken into account as part of the club fitting process, which involves various factors to ensure a proper fit.

Wrist-to-Floor Measurement

The wrist-to-floor measurement is widely used in determining the appropriate club length as it provides a more accurate calculation. Unlike using a golfer’s overall height alone, the wrist-to-floor measurement considers additional factors such as arm and leg length that can affect the calculation. Even individuals of the same height can have different wrist-to-floor measurements based on these factors, highlighting the importance of this metric in the fitting process.

To obtain your wrist-to-floor measurement, stand on a hard surface with your arms hanging straight down by your sides. It’s essential to wear regular street shoes or sneakers to avoid any height alterations from wearing high heels.
From this position, using a tape measure, take the measurement from the floor up to the crease in your wrist.

With this measurement plus the first height measurement, you can ensure a proper club fitting that suits your needs.

Now with a note of your measurements, refer to the chart and instructions below

Armed with both your overall height measurement and your wrist-to-floor measurement, you can refer to the provided chart as a calculator to determine what adjustment from the standard you would need when buying your new clubs.