Grip Size – Make Sure Your Golf Grip Fits

The correct grip size is crucial for golfers as it directly affects their ability to control the club and the resulting ball flight. When using a neutral (standard) grip size, the clubface is generally returned square to the target at impact. However, if the grip size is too large, it can hinder the player’s ability to release their wrists through impact, causing a block or fade in the ball flight. On the other hand, if the grip is too small, an early release may occur, resulting in a pull or draw shot. For right-handed golfers, a draw shot curves from right to left, while a fade shot moves in the opposite direction, from left to right. By determining your golf grip size, you can either correct an undesired draw or fade in your normal swing or choose a grip that properly fits your hands.

How to Determine your correct Grip Size

To ensure a precise fit, measure your hand according to the given instructions and compare the measurements with the chart provided below.

In order to obtain accurate measurements, first measure the distance from the Dominant Wrist Crease to the tip of your longest finger (refer to picture “Hand Measurement 1”), and then measure the length of your longest finger from the web to the tip (refer to picture “Hand Measurement 2”).

Now with a note of your measurements, refer to the chart and instructions below

The provided chart displays both your ideal grip size based on your measurement and the steps to obtain the correct grip size.

To start, locate the block on the chart under ‘Measurement 1’ that corresponds with your first measurement (wrist crease to tip of finger).

Then, moving left to right along the chart, locate your second measurement (finger web to tip) in the same row.

To the right of this block, you will find the recommended grip size along with the total number of wraps of grip tape required to adjust the shaft butt and achieve the recommended size.