Burleigh Series WEDGES

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55 or 60 degrees

The Burleigh series wedges are available in two finishes, carbon black or chrome, in 55 and 60 degree options. The carbon black finish provides a unique feel that is intended to give golfers the sensation they are seeking, while the chrome finish offers a seamless look and flow throughout the whole set of clubs. Both finishes are designed to offer optimal control and spin for golfers. Whether you prefer the distinctive feel of the carbon black finish or the cohesive look of the chrome finish, the Burleigh series wedges are designed to meet your needs and help you perform at your best on the course.

1 review for Burleigh Series WEDGES

  1. Rob Olde

    Wedges are on fire.
    I’ve dropped 3 shots off my handicap in past 3 weeks.
    Dropping it close and great spin control.
    The closet I’ve been back to single figures in years..

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