About Haitch Golf

Golf has been a lifelong passion for the founder of Haitch Golf, who was introduced to the game at the age of 7. Over the years, he come to understand the unique feelings and experiences that the game provides, including the thrill of an early morning round, the satisfaction of finishing a round just before sunset, and the excitement of hitting a long iron with a tour balata. Despite its ups and downs, the game has stayed with the founder for 40 years and continues to provide them with lasting memories and friendships. This passion for golf and the emotions it evokes is what drives Haitch Golf and their mission to create products that enhance the overall golfing experience.

The founder of Haitch Golf was on Burleigh Hill in the Gold Coast, sipping on a flat white and pondering his next move when the idea for Haitch Golf came to them. The name Haitch comes from the Australian pronunciation of the letter “H” and is a nod to the founder’s name starting with that letter. The Burleigh series was the first range of golf clubs created by Haitch Golf and was inspired by the beautiful beach setting of the Gold Coast. The founder wants to bring the feeling and memories associated with the game of golf to all future ranges of clubs produced by Haitch Golf.

Haitch Golf believes that every golfer deserves to have a forged iron club at an affordable price, and that’s why they are cutting out the retailer and offering their products directly to the consumers. By doing this, they aim to create a feeling of being part of a brand that is accessible and responsive to the needs and preferences of their customers. The goal is to provide a memorable golfing experience through their range of clubs, starting with the Burleigh series and continuing with future ranges that are inspired by beautiful beach settings along the coast of Australia.